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Adjustable Foot Drop AFO Brace

(8 customer reviews)

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Improve your foot mobility
The Ortorex foot-up splint will take care of your feet. This brace keeps your ankle in a natural position, alleviating the discomfort. By using it regularly, you can enhance your walking experience over time.

Strain relief

This brace stops the foot from dropping, lowering pressure on ligaments. It's a helpful aid in reducing persistent pain.

Recovery boost

Wearing the Nygex brace can speed up the healing process. It stabilizes the foot, preventing further injury. Plus, it's designed to enhance blood flow to the area, contributing to quicker recovery.

Foot support

Our brace helps improve mobility, promoting better balance and coordination. It's great for those looking to regain their active lifestyle.


The high-quality fabric allows air to flow freely, reducing sweat build-up. This ensures your foot stays dry and odour-free.


The Nygex brace is made from a skin-friendly material. It won't cause irritations or discomfort, even when worn for long periods.


With a strap, you can change the angle between your foot and leg bone.

8 reviews for Adjustable Foot Drop AFO Brace

  1. B***y

    I’m extremely satisfied with this AFO brace. It’s quite sturdy and effectively helps me walk better. I love that it’s adjustable, allowing a perfect and comfortable fit.

  2. L****e

    This brace has been a lifesaver for my plantar fasciitis! It fits perfectly and makes walking much easier and less painful. For the first time in a long time, I was able to take a walk without major discomfort.

  3. M****a

    I purchased this brace to help with my plantar fasciitis. I wear it for the night, and so far, I have experienced a significant decrease in pain. Recommended.

  4. D***a

    The brace offers excellent support and helps me move around easily. The materials seem durable. It’s easily washable. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis!

  5. O****r

    This brace works as intended. Fastening takes some practice, but it’s easier after a couple of tries. I wouldn’t wear it outside as it’s bulky and uncomfortable, but it works well for night use.

  6. P****a

    This brace is great! It is excellent quality and works fantastic. My daily walks have become much easier since I started using it. The only drawback is it’s difficult to put on.

  7. H****d

    The brace is extremely supportive and helpful in dealing with plantar fasciitis pain. I appreciate the flexibility in adjusting it to the comfort level I need. Highly recommended.

  8. N****c

    The AFO brace has improved my ability to walk without pain from plantar fasciitis. The design of the brace and the firm support it provides significantly reduced the pain. It’s a fantastic product!

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