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Ergonomic Neck Support Sleeping Pillow

(9 customer reviews)

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Enjoy unparalleled comfort and support
The Nygex ergonomic pillow elevates your sleep routine. Its unique shape nestles your head, neck, and shoulders snugly, guaranteeing proper upper spine alignment. This support allows your neck muscles to relax. You awaken free of discomfort and feel refreshed every morning.

Alleviate pain

Our memory foam pillow is thoughtfully designed with a central cavity to cradle your head. It offers two height contours to accommodate various neck sizes. These attributes promote the correct position of your cervical spine, removing muscle tension and relieving discomfort.


The Nygex cushion is designed to suit back, side, and stomach sleepers. Thanks to the memory foam and head support, it guarantees restful slumber regardless of your favorite sleeping posture.


Made from rigorously tested materials, our neck pillow is free from common allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. It's an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.
More reasons to love our cervical neck pillow

Snoring Relief





9 reviews for Ergonomic Neck Support Sleeping Pillow

  1. R***n

    I have never experienced such comfort before! This pillow cradles my head ,both when sleeping on my back or on my sides. It has relieved neck tightness and some shoulder pain!

  2. D****n

    This pillow is very comfortable and easy on your whole body! I bought it to help with neck pain that was causing my hands to go numb and I can honestly say that it has helped a lot!

  3. D**a

    At first glance, I didn’t think this pillow would be comfortable, but I was so wrong. Now only is it comfy whether I sleep in my side or my back… but my neck pain is significantly better which in turn gives me a much better night’s sleep.

  4. N****l

    This pillow’s very helpful for the herniated disc I have in my neck. Great support and comfy.

  5. E***e

    I really like this one because it’s so comfortable and my neck feels better. It’s the only pillow I sleep with now. Thanks!

  6. R**e

    Great pillow! It supports your neck as stated. No matter how you sleep, side, back or stomach, it provides the support you need. Recommended!

  7. C****s

    The fabric is super cooling and breathable. I’m very happy with the purchase. The pillow stopped my shoulder pain the first night and also stopped my hands from tingling

  8. F***r

    Best pillow I have tried. Very comfortable for all sleeping positions! It cradles my neck and helps me sleep so much better!

  9. T***a

    I’m a side sleeper exclusively and this pillow has the perfect amount of support for me. If you have back or neck problems, this is the pillow that will relieve your pain. I’m so glad I bought this.

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