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Patterson Medical exclusive distributor for Richmar

GelShot-5cmEngineering tomorrow’s healthcare

Patterson Medical is delighted to announce it has been chosen as the exclusive Australia & New Zealand distribution partner for Richmar, a US based leading manufacturer of electrotherapy and medical products.

Richard New, Managing Director of Patterson ANZ said “we set out to bring the best range of electrotherapy to the market, in doing that, we found a truly innovative partner, in an industry that has had very little innovation in the last 30 years. Through smarter engineering and by design I can see the Richmar products will re-energise the use of electrotherapy and delight therapists”.

The Richmar range includes the revolutionary new GelShot, setting a new standard in ultrasound media with 40% better performance and addressing the issue of infection control associated with bulk gels. Gelshot is available for Richmar, Metron and Chattanooga ultrasound probes.

The new Hydratherm will be on the shopping list for clinics and hospital using moist heat therapy.  Since launching earlier this year in the US, Richmar can hardly keep up with production of the new composite polymer design heating unit hailed as the first ever rust, mould, bacteria and mildew-proof hydrocollator.

Richmar has also redesigned the humble heat pack, the result being the new Hydraheat pack, a latex free, non-porous, bacteria resistant polymer surface with a patented heat absorbing gel formula which is very malleable, conforming really well and delivers therapeutic moist heat at a safer temperature without the worry of bursting.


The jewel in the Richmar crown is the Therasound EVO and Winner EVO interferential stim and combo units. Due for release in October 2016, subject to TGA approval. The Therasound and combo units feature innovations such as the 2-in-one Therapy Hammer combining both a 5cm and 2cm applicator, hands-free Autosound (optional) and the revolutionary Gelshot. For the first time, therapists and patients will actually be able to see the ultrasound working.

Completing the offer is the Richmar Superstim and Multistim electrodes which can be used on all electrotherapy devices. The electrodes use a proprietary bonding and moisture barrier called Leadstay and two 35mm hydrogel layers providing comfortable and uniform stimulation even while undergoing moist heat therapy.


Chad Morgan, CEO of Richmar stated “we are delighted to have partnered with Patterson Medical to bring our innovative range of products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Patterson’s is a specialty rehab distributor and have a long track record in launching innovative technology and supporting therapists and businesses to improve patient outcomes. We look forward to a successful and long term partnership with Patterson’s and to serving therapists across Australia & New Zealand”.

More information:

Wendy Gillmore, General Manager, Patterson Medical NZ on 0800 102 090

About Richmar

Richmar based in Chattanooga Tennessee USA has provided clinicians with the means to treat musculoskeletal and soft tissue inflammation since 1968. Manufacturing a diverse line of quality medical devices for physical therapy, medical accessories, and pharmaceutical products, Richmar is led by a team of engineers focused on pioneering new technology to create medical equipment for an evolving healthcare system.

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