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Calf Support Compression Sleeves

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Say goodbye to post-workout fatigue
Experience ultimate support with the Ortorex calf sleeve. It’ll boost blood flow to your muscles, reducing inflammation and enhancing activity performance. This sleeve withstands rough handling, guaranteeing long-lasting service. Despite frequent washes, it will remain in top condition.

Graduated compression

The Nygex sleeve promotes quicker calf muscle recovery. It provides optimum support during intense workouts, minimising the likelihood of injury. This brace can also help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with muscle strain or fatigue.

Non-slip design

The elastic band on the top ensures the sleeve remains in place during various activities. You won’t need to constantly pull it up.

Quality fabric

Our compression sleeve is skin-friendly, breathable, and allows movement without causing irritation. It is comfortable to wear for extended periods.

10 reviews for Calf Support Compression Sleeves

  1. S****e

    These are the most comfortable compression sleeve I have ever worn! Great fit, great support. Excellent value!

  2. A***l

    Was skeptical at first whether these calf sleeves would work for my shin splints. Surprisingly, they have greatly reduced my pain! They are lightweight, stay in place and do not cause any discomfort

  3. T****e

    These sleeves are an excellent relief from discomfort. Just after a few uses, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in tightness and swelling. Highly recommend for someone prone to varicose veins.

  4. J***n

    I work on my feet all day, and these calf sleeves have been truly a lifesaver. My legs feel less tired by the end of the day and the quality is really nice. I would definitely buy them again

  5. H***y

    I love these calf supports! Comfortable, effective and very stylish. They’re helping me manage my lower leg cramps. Thanks a lot.

  6. K***s

    Bought these compression sleeves for my 75-year-old dad who suffers from chronic leg pain. He tells me these have been a godsend, providing the right level of compression.

  7. P****n

    These are just what I needed. I’m recovering from a pulled calf muscle and these are working great! I wash them at night and they are dry by the next morning. I’m very pleased with the purchase.

  8. M***e

    Since I started wearing the calf sleeves, I’ve noticed my varicose vein discomfort has lessened. They provide gentle compression without feeling too tight. Definitely worth a purchase!

  9. E***a

    The compression sleeves provide excellent support and the quality is top notch. Putting them on can be quite a task initially but it gets easier with time.

  10. D****a

    I purchased these due to a calf strain. I found them to be much more comfortable than neoprene, just as supportive and much cooler! Once I put them on, I almost forget they’re on until getting ready for bed.

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